Principles of the Sway Turbine System

7 years of advanced dynamic simulations and engineering has enabled Sway Turbine to overcome the basic challenge of turbine up-scaling through several unusual design solutions.

The ST10 turbine has a large diameter permanent magnet ring style generator, directly driven by the turbine rotor.  Each of the three pitching blades is mounted to an “A-frame” blade support structure that straddles the generator.  The support structure legs terminate on two independent hubs which also function as the hubs for the generator rotor.  The outer rim of the generator rotor is connected to the blade support structure, providing the means of transferring torque between the turbine rotor and the generator. 

This new combination of components results in a system that has a significant decrease in weight over conventional designs, and a net lower cost of energy.  The configuration is particularly beneficial in offshore installations, where a premium is paid for each tower and foundation.  The power generation system has therefore been optimised for offshore use including turbine, installation, impact on foundation system costs, operational and maintenance costs.  It is designed to operate upwind on a fixed tower.  It has a design life of 20 years.

Sway Turbine CTO and co-founder Eystein Borgen presented the main features of the ST10 offshore turbine on an international drivetrain concept conference in Bremen, Germany on October 22nd 2012. His presentation can be reviewed here: View Presentation

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