The incident involving the floating tower of Sway AS
Media are currently reporting about the unfortunate incident involving the floating tower of Sway AS (www.sway.no). Regrettably there seems to be some confusion since we both share the name SWAY, and some reports wrongly refer to our company, Sway Turbine AS (www.swayturbine.com).
Torill Jørgensen join Sway Turbine as Contract Manager
"We are very pleased that Torill Jørgensen has decided to join our management team at Sway Turbine. She is bringing with her valuable competence and experience within critical areas of contract management and supplier strategy, which are important in the further development of our company" says Ingelise Arntsen, CEO. Torill Jørgensen earned her law degree from the University of Oslo in 1997 and became a registered lawyer in 2007. She has extensive experience from contract law, negotiations, supplier relationship management and procurement improvement projects from both the public sector and the oil & gas industry.
State aid: ESA approves funding for Sway Turbine AS
Sway pushes ahead with 10MW offshore/ onshore turbine
In February 2010, Sway announced plans to build a 10MW turbine for use on a floating platform in deep water. James Quilter speaks to Sway Turbine CEO Ingelise Arntsen about how the company's plans and how the project is progressing.
Development of 10 MW Wind Turbines
Article published April 2011, in "Analyse and research" by Frost Sullivan
Får sving på turbinene
Sway Turbines nye direktør håper å halvere vekten på vindturbiner. Den erfarne dansken fikk nylig jobben med å lede teknologiselskapet Sway Turbine, som utvikler en 10 megawatts vindturbin til bruk til havs. Lykkes de, kan vindkraften bli en viktig konkurrent for Arntsens tidligere arbeidsgivere innen vannkraft, gasskraft og solenergi.
Bygger verdens kraftigste vindturbin
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